Our Story

South Bend City Church is a dream that’s just beginning. Our lead pastor, Jason Miller, began sharing this dream with friends in late 2015. In the past few months, we’ve been building a team, looking for a place to call home, and gathering to experiment with different ways of worshiping, serving, and following Jesus together.

We’re an independent, non­denominational church. We trust the Bible as it points us to Jesus, and we trust the Apostles’ Creed as a guiding interpretation of what it teaches.

The best way to get to know us is to join us at our next gathering, and you’re warmly invited to be there with us. But while you’re here, you can begin to understand our DNA by reading below.

We’re part of an ancient faith that reveals God as Father, Son and Spirit. This story says this world is here because God wants it to be here, and it tells us that Love is at the center of everything. This faith has been moving through the world for thousands of years, leaving a legacy of wisdom that we honor. At the center of this faith is Jesus, who makes possible a deeper humanity and a more beautiful world. We don’t always live up to this possibility, but we’re cheering for each other and helping each other become students of Jesus as we work toward embodying this faith.

Our world is brimming with new discoveries and changing conversations, and we think authentic faith should be brave enough to ask the questions that come from all of that change. When scientific discoveries challenge our understanding of how the world works; when we meet a neighbor who has a different way of understanding God; or when we’re confronted with other ideas about what it means to be human, we think the tension created in those moments can be a good thing. We want to be a community that wrestles with those questions and tensions together.

Among us you’ll find lifelong South Bend residents, recent transplants, university students, and people from all over the Michiana region who are invested in the city in a variety of ways, even if they don’t live here. Our focus is South Bend, and that matters to us. We’re here to love and serve the city, to celebrate its beauty, to listen to its stories, and to bear its wounds. That’s a big job, so we’re grateful for the network of communities and organizations that have been carrying this burden since long before we arrived. Together with our neighbors, we’re going to give our lives for the flourishing of those who call South Bend home.