Gatherings and Tables!

Gatherings and Tables

We’re introducing our next opportunity for sharing space together as a community! You’ve been to (or read about) our gatherings. Welcome to “tables!” Tables are regularly scheduled communities that exist to provide a safe and intentional way of connecting. Anyone can join, and, much like our in-home dinners, there will be specific tables suited for those who’d like to bring their children.

We’ll also offer a few other options for those looking for an individualized table experience (women’s tables, tables by location, etc.). Each table will take place around a shared meal. We strongly believe that something unique happens when we break bread together, and we also know it helps to create a welcoming environment.

Before we launch tables in the fall, we want to give you the chance to jump in as a table host! Please let us know if you’d be interested in this role. This doesn’t mean you need to host in your home each time, just be willing to help facilitate and organize the table group, whether in homes or at a restaurant, or elsewhere. Table locations can also rotate within the group. If you’re excited about helping to create a safe & welcoming space for those in our community, this might be a great fit for you!

You can sign up to get more information about being a table host here on our website – or email!