Join us at a Table!

Table sign-ups happening now

By now, you’ve heard about “Tables” – intentional living communities that are launching this fall! We’re excited to announce that Table sign-ups are now open online here. Tables will in general meet twice per month through the school year and will always take place over a shared meal. Our hope is that eating together, whether in-home or at a restaurant, fosters an open, safe and comfortable setting for meaningful conversation and connection with other members of our community. Tables vary in meeting date, time, and location, and some are specific to demographic (i.e., mothers, married couples, age group, kid-friendly). You can view all the details in the group description! As we collect more details on Tables that will begin meeting in September and October, we’ll update the directory with more options. (We’ll also launch more Tables in January.)

We hope you’ll consider joining a Table this fall and that you’re able to create or grow some life-giving relationships. If you’re interested in hosting a Table in the future, or if you have questions, please email