Time to join a Table!

Our second round of Tables is just kicking off! We’ve got convenient locations whether you’re in South Bend or a little farther away. We also have a new middle school Table that recently launched. There’s still time to get in on hosting, especially if you’re able to provide a kid-friendly space. If you are interested, please email us as soon as possible!

What is a Table?

A Table is a group of people who meet roughly twice a month to share space over a meal. A Table is a place where everyone is welcomed and honored and people are invited to open up at their own pace.

Is this a Bible study?

Nope! You don’t have to do homework or participate in group therapy. You just have to show up and answer two questions: Where are you? And what do you want?

Do I have to provide food for the meal?

For each Table that meets in a home, the host will let you know in advance if the meals will be provided in full or if they’d like you to contribute.

Interested? Check out the Tables page on our website for more info & for a Tables directory.