Gathering liturgy

Samuel and Lindsey Marks joined us last week on Sunday and Tuesday to help us walk through some moments of worship, connection with each other, silence, and prayer. Samuel wrote one of the prayers that we read together, and we thought you might like to revisit it (or read it for the first time):

All day long
we are going out and coming in
as the eye of the storm becomes a suspicious wind,
The tempest surges around us,
Oh, the tumultuous waves within us, yet

You lead us beside the still waters.
You restore our soul;

O God, deliver us all,
our enemies, our friends,
Teach our hands to plow and learn war no more,
to nevermind settling the score.

You prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies.

Lead us, Spirit, in your meekness,
to be tender with our words and hands.
Give us the blessing of a working day:
Feeding children, mowing grass,
washing dishes, sweeping porches,
extending and receiving love in sacred friendships,
leaning in to these ordinary spaces, common things,
bread and wine,
which become tents for your holy presence.

And we will dwell in the house of the Lord
Forever. Amen.

We are so grateful to Samuel and Lindsey for leading us through the gathering and helping us to experience grace and peace together.