Meet our newest team member, Stacey Borst!

Stacey Borst grew up in Iowa surrounded by a large extended family. She met her husband Matt while in high school and they married in college. They spent nine years on staff with two separate churches before moving their family to the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago to serve with an inner city ministry.  While in Chicago, they met beautiful friends from all over the world and enjoyed the diversity of cultures that sat around their table weekly.

In 2011, they started a Non-Profit, Village to Village International, with the desire to help vulnerable children locally and abroad. Stacey and Matt and their five kids moved to the Michiana area in 2013. For three years, she worked in the public schools, while dabbling with furniture renovation on the side. Stacey enjoys iced caramel coffee each morning, listening to music with her family, and getting her hands in the dirt every spring.