A course on Christianity & evolution

One of our community members, Jim Stump, will be leading us through a learning series exploring the credibility of Christianity in an age when evolution is the primary theory accepted for explaining the diversity of life we see on Earth. Jim will be holding these sessions on three consecutive Thursdays: Sept. 20, Sept. 27, and Oct. 4, at 7 p.m. During the sessions, we’ll tackle the following questions:

1. What kind of thing is the Bible? Where did it come from? What does it mean that it is inspired? How do we understand its truth claims in relation to modern scientific truth claims?

2. What is the theory of evolution? Why do 99% of professional biologists accept it? What are the main lines of evidence? What are the scientific objections to evolution?

3. What are the theological consequences of accepting evolution, particularly as they relate to: the problem of death and suffering; God’s role in guiding evolution; and whether humans can really be all that special (and bear the image of God).

The evenings are designed to be interactive, and we hope you’ll join us, at Studebaker 112!

Jim Stump is Senior Editor at BioLogos, the organization dedicated to showing the harmony between Christian faith and the findings of contemporary science. He has an undergraduate degree in math and science education, and a masters and PhD in philosophy. Before joining BioLogos five years ago, Jim taught philosophy at Bethel College. He has written or edited six books, including Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues, Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design, and How I Changed My Mind about Evolution. Jim and his wife Chris have three sons, one daughter-in-law, and two cats. They have attended SBCC from the early days.