A message from Jason about COVID-19

Hey friends,

With the spread of COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus), I wanted to address some questions you may have. Our team is paying close attention as the situation develops, especially because of our concern for those who may be particularly vulnerable to the outbreak of the disease. We’re taking our cue from public health officials, and based on what we’re hearing from them so far, our gatherings will continue. We will also continue our regular practice of having all of our spaces in Building 112 cleaned at least once a week, along with cleaning all of the toys in our kids’ ministry each week.

However, we’re prepared to make adjustments if at any point we understand that changes are called for, and we’ll keep you informed through this email newsletter, our website, and our social media feeds. In the event of a cancellation, we’ll offer alternative ways to participate in our life together, like extra podcasts and personal practices that we can each take part in while at home. And in the meantime, we’ll suspend our practice of the Eucharist in our gatherings as a precaution. 

We’ve also just learned from our partners at Hope Ministries that the health department has determined that volunteers should no longer serve at Weather Amnesty out of concern for the well being of everyone involved. 

Remember that some may be struggling more than others with the anxiety that comes with the headlines. Older members of the population and those with compromised immune systems and other health conditions are more at risk. The prospect of work or school being canceled can create serious hardships. This is a good time for us to check in with each other and to double down on our commitment to our neighbors by doing our part to prevent the spread of disease.

When you join us Thursday night or Sunday morning, feel free to exchange the handshakes and hugs for smiles and waves. We’ll have hand sanitizer available throughout the building. And we’ll continue to explore how we can follow Jesus into greater grace and peace for our city and the world, which seems like a powerful question to ask at a time like this. 

Grace and peace,



Jason Miller

Lead Pastor