Updates on suspended gatherings

With the suspension of our gatherings in response to the spread of COVID-19, we wanted to share with you our plan going forward.

The South Bend City Church podcast will have fresh teaching episodes available each Sunday morning for the duration of our gathering suspension, and we’re dreaming about some additional content that we’ll release through the podcast feed as the weeks progress. If you’re already a podcast listener, you’ll know where to find it. If not, just search for South Bend City Church on your favorite podcast app, or head to southbendcitychurch.podbean.com.

SBCC is more than what happens on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings, though, and we want to love well through this crisis in other ways. We’re still learning about the best ways to respond to the needs caused by COVID-19, and once we better understand those needs, we’ll offer ways that we can act as a community with compassion for those who are most affected by this crisis. In the meantime, here are a few things we can do right now:

  • Check in on your neighbors and anyone you know to be especially vulnerable during the pandemic. Maybe someone in a higher risk category could be really helped if you make a grocery run on their behalf.

  • Remember that doing our part to slow the spread of the disease(flatten the curve) really is a way of caring for others.

  • Be generous to those who are losing income because of business closings or downturn in demand. Some of us will benefit from the privilege of no income disruption while others will struggle to make ends meet, and we can help each other through that.

  • Pray for those in need, and ask God to make you more aware of what it means for us to live the way of Jesus through this

One more note – even though we’re not meeting for gatherings right now, most of SBCC’s expenses remain the same. We’ll be looking at our operation to see where we can tighten our belts over the next few weeks, but if you usually give in gatherings, please consider continuing your support by giving to our general fund at southbendcitychurch.com/give

We often talk about how it is that we belong to one another, and how our everyone an icon mantra calls us to live for the dignity of others. This moment may feel exceptional, but it’s also an opportunity for us to live up to the convictions that we’ve celebrated from our beginning. The details may change, but let’s keep following Jesus in the way of grace and peace for our city and the world in this season.

Nashville relief

You heard in our gatherings last week about our commitment to give to the needs created by the Nashville tornado, and we’re still committed to that. The offering received in this week’s gatherings was going to be sent to two kindred churches in Nashville to support the recovery effort. Since that collection won’t happen in person, you can head to southbendcitychurch.com/give and select “Nashville Tornado Response” from now until Friday (Mar 20). Everything given will be sent at the end of the week.