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PLEASE READ: South Bend City Church has suspended all weekly gatherings in attempts to help curb the spread of COVID-19. While we are not meeting weekly in person, we are as committed as ever to being a community of grace and peace for our city and the world. To stay informed, you can check back here on our blog for updates or sign up to receive our email newsletter, click here.

You can watch this video from our lead pastor Jason Miller on our plans for resuming public gatherings as well as the steps in-between for keeping our community connected and safe.

The following is an overview of the ways we’re continuing to care for, connect with, and learn alongside each other until we’re able to gather again. We will continue to provide updates and resources weekly. And we’ll continue to develop and discover better ways to help one another during this time. 


  •     If you are a part of our community and have a specific need as a result of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic (such as loss of wages or employment, inability to receive support or assistance from a caregiver, etc.), please tell us by filling out this form. In response to your need, we will do our best to: 

o   Direct you to an appropriate organization, resource or person that might be able to help you.

o   Provide assistance directly if we are able.

  •     If you have a specific resource or type of assistance you would like to provide for someone in our community who has a need, please also fill out this form. We will do our best to:

o   Direct you to an appropriate organization, program, or person where your assistance will be best utilized.

o   Connect you to a need we are aware of in our community that you might be able to fill (these needs may need to stay anonymous, in which case, we will act as facilitator).

  •     If you would like to financially donate to a care fund for assisting those in our community, please click here and select the “Care” fund.
  •     If you have another need, question, or suggestion for how we best care for those in our community, please email
  •     One of our community members, Morgan Eichorst, is a licensed clinical psychologist working as a therapist. Morgan has compiled a document with some suggestions and resources revolving around caring for your mental health, especially as we navigate all the many effects of COVID-19. This document is not meant to replace help from a mental health professional, but we believe there is valuable content that might be helpful to you and your loved ones. Please consider using this information as a supplement to any advice you have received from individualized care. Most importantly: If you or anyone you know is having any thoughts or urges to self harm in any way, please reach out to the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255 or chat online at or connect to help via text by sending HOME to 741741.


  •     Some of our tables are meeting in person, and some are meeting virtually. If you are interested in signing up for a table (a group of 8-10 people who meet regularly for intentional conversation over a shared meal), please email
  •     We encourage you to join the South Bend City Church Open Forum on Facebook for additional community connection. Members can post questions, words of encouragement, prayer requests, etc. We’ll also have some staff-curated posts to help engage and prompt conversation.
  •     Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m., join our Instagram (@sbcitychurch) live stream or 10 a.m. on Facebook live and hear from staff and others in our community.
  •     Keep in touch with the latest updates and resources by signing up for the email newsletter (scroll down to “Newsletter Sign Up”).


  •     Listen to our weekly teaching podcast that takes the form of our typical teaching in gatherings. These will be posted by Sunday morning.
  •     We’ve also begun posting teaching videos of our weekly teachings on Vimeo and YouTube.
  •     Along the way, we’ll continue to post new information as we learn it on how to best care for each other. Here are some suggestions and a collection of resources that might help you as you navigate supporting friends, family, and neighbors.