Help us plan for neighborhood-based connection opportunities!


Neighborhood info form
We desire to be a community of grace and peace for our city and the world. We love South Bend, and we are committed to its success. One way we try to contribute to the flourishing of South Bend and everyone who calls it home is to simply be good neighbors. We are looking at some new ways to facilitate being active and invested in our neighborhoods, especially as we continue through the next several weeks of suspended gatherings. With these future location-based opportunities in mind, we’ve created a neighborhood info form that we would love if you would take 30 seconds to fill out.

We may already have some or all of this information on hand for many of you, but we know there are also many we might be missing, and it will make sure we have the most updated info for you. The form includes basic info like address (so we know what neighborhoods are represented by SBCCers) and email (we promise we won’t contact you excessively or unnecessarily – and this doesn’t sign you up for our email newsletter).

Click here to fill out our neighborhood info form.

Mother’s Day: We want to hear your voices!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we know this year’s celebrations of mothers and mother figures may look quite a bit differentas many of us care for these loved ones from afar. We also know that Mother’s Day is a different experience for everyone and can bring joy as well as challenges.

We want to celebrate with you in how you have been positively influenced by a mother or a mother figure. We also want to hear from you how this day and topic of motherhood might bring a mix of emotions so we can share in that with you and support you as a community. Help us out with a special Mother’s Day feature by emailing and letting us know your thoughts and perspective on Mother’s Day, using the following prompts:

  1. In what ways have you experienced what it means to be or have a mother that you can celebrate? This may be an experience with someone you call “mom” or someone who has filled any part of that role for you in some way – or someone you have cared for in a nurturing way.
  2. In what ways has this experience been a joyful or fulfilling one, and in what ways have you felt disappointment?
  3. How has your experience of what it means to be or have a mother interacted with your experience of God?
  4. Tell us a fun story about mom life. (If this is a story about someone else, please be sure they’re ok with us sharing this story. We won’t use names.)
Check out our worship playlist

You may be aware of our Spotify gathering playlist that features many of the songs we’ve sung together. We’ve been compiling this playlist since our early days as a community. In addition to this playlist, Zach Gillis, our worship leader and care coordinator, has created a playlist of some other songs that we hope you will find encouraging and meaningful. You can listen to this new worship playlist here.

Kids’ curriculum video link
Here are this week’s videos from our Kids’ Ministry curriculum provider!
(In our classrooms, kids 3 years old through Kindergarten watch the First Look videos, and kids in 1st through 5th grades watch the 252 kids videos. There is also a preteen experience that you can take advantage of if you’d like. 

In addition to the videos, check out the free Parent Cue App that is aligned with the content in the weekly videos.)