Everyone An Icon: Black Lives Matter

Listening, learning, and fighting for Black lives
The first word in the Bible about humanity is that we bear the image of God. It’s an assertion of profound dignity, and it’s our starting point with every person we meet. This is where our Everyone an Icon mantra comes from. And it’s why we commit ourselves to fighting for Black lives. The unique injustices suffered by our Black sisters and brothers call us to a specific commitment to dismantle racial injustice. Most of us are rookies in this conversation, but that’s ok. We preach Practices, Not Performances, and entering this conversation imperfectly is better than avoiding it.

This Sunday, instead of releasing a sermon like usual, we’re going quiet and using our time and energy to learn from Black voices and allies who offer wisdom and insight from their lived experiences. This resource list was curated by our staff and Black members of our church family to help us listen and learn.

If you’re a part of the SBCC family, please take some time in the next week to learn from at least one of these resources. Listening and learning isn’t nearly enough, but it’s a critical step for all of us who want to fight for the lives and dignity of our Black sisters and brothers. On Sunday, join us on Instagram live (9:30 a.m.) and Facebook live (10 a.m.) to hear from Zach Gillis in conversation with Jason Miller as Zach reflects on this moment.