A (socially distant) ballpark gathering

We’re gathering at Four Winds Field!
We loved seeing all who were able to attend our neighborhood connection gatherings a couple weeks ago and hope to see even more of you at a special gathering at Four Winds Field (right in our neighborhood – the home of the South Bend Cubs) on Wednesday, July 1! We’ll keep it socially distant and enjoy some worship, liturgy, and teaching together. We are excited about our first “all church” gathering in years!

When: Wednesday, July 1, 6:30 p.m. (gates open at 6 p.m.)
Where: Four Winds Field, 501 W South St, South Bend, IN 46601
Parking: Lots A & B (street parking also available) for entry at Gate A

As we are still navigating the status of COVID-19, we ask that you wear a face mask and do your best to remain socially distant (6 feet apart) while entering/exiting or walking around the stadium. We will have greeters present to help direct you. While seated during the gathering, you are welcome to remove your face mask, but please be aware of keeping a 6-foot radius around you and your group (both in front of and behind you, as well as in your row). Hand sanitizing stations and restrooms for washing hands will be available.

Individuals, families, friends, and neighbors are all welcome! Playground areas, bars, and concessions will be closed (sadly, no helmet nachos), and we ask that you keep young children with you. No need to bring anything, but you might want to bring a water bottle, some sunscreen, and a hat or sunglasses!

We can’t wait to be with you all!

Father’s Day: We want to hear your stories!

Father’s Day, like most holidays, is a unique experience for everyone. It’s a day that some will celebrate, some will mourn, and others will simply pass over for various reasons.

We want to hear from and celebrate with you, whether you consider yourself a father or you have/had a father or father figure. We also want to hear from you how this day and topic of fatherhood might bring a mix of emotions so we can share in that with you and learn from you as a community. Help us out with a special Father’s Day feature by emailing info@southbendcitychurch.com and letting us know your thoughts and perspective on Father’s Day, using the following prompts:

  1. Tell us about what fatherhood has looked like in your life. Is there a person you look to as a father or father figure, and how have they helped you become the person you are? Do you fill the role of father for someone?
  2. How has your experience of being a father or father figure been a joy? A challenge? This may be an experience with a biological child or someone you have helped to raise or mentor.
  3. How has your experience of what it means to be or have a father interacted with your experience of God?
  4. Tell us a fun story about dad life. (If this is a story about someone else, please be sure they’re ok with us sharing this story. We won’t use names.)
Kids’ curriculum video link

Here are this week’s videos from our Kids’ Ministry curriculum provider!
(In our classrooms, kids 3 years old through Kindergarten watch the First Look videos, and kids in 1st through 5th grades watch the 252 kids videos. There is also a preteen experience that you can take advantage of if you’d like. 

In addition to the videos, check out the free Parent Cue App that is aligned with the content in the weekly videos.)