We exceeded our giving goal!

City Action Fund giving total

We are so grateful to you for your generosity in supporting Keller Park Church’s food pantry, especially with the increasing level of need spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal of $6,000 toward these efforts has been exceeded, with a total of $7,220.33! Thank you for being a community that cares for all those who call South Bend home!
Our next teaching series: Praying the Psalms

Through the centuries, the Christian Church has regularly returned to the songs and prayers of the Psalms not just to express how we feel but to let ourselves be moved by the perspectives and experiences of others in their pursuit of God. In this series, we will consider and pray through a Psalm each week to see how it forms us. We hope you’ll stay tuned via our podcast (found on any podcast streaming service) and video teaching (found on vimeo) that we post each week on our website!

TODAY: Don’t forget to vote!

Election day is here! From president to governor to commissioner and all the other seats up and down the ballot, get to know your candidates by state here and make sure to get out and vote before polls close today! Click here to find a local polling location with information on hours of voting wherever you are registered to vote.