Gospels for Epiphany: A new teaching series

Epiphany: The surprise of finding God in Jesus

We’re starting the new year by observing the season of Epiphany. It’s about discovering the divine life of Jesus (and because of that discovery, finding God in our neighbors, our enemies, and ourselves).

In addition to our weekly teachings, we’ll also be reading the four New Testament stories of Jesus — the Gospels — together. Each day’s reading should only take about 15 minutes, and we have the weekends off so you can take a break or get caught up.

As you read, give yourself permission to be frustrated, encouraged, confused, excited, challenged, bored, and inspired. Honest reading usually brings up all kinds of feelings. But as those feelings come up, sit with them long enough to let them teach you something.

This is a great exercise to share with others, too. Whether you’re part of an SBCC table or have friends or family to talk with, consider reflecting with others as you work through the text.

Gospels for Epiphany reading guide

Jan. 11: Matt. 1-3
Jan. 12: Matt. 4-6
Jan. 13: Matt. 7-9
Jan. 14: Matt. 10-12
Jan. 15: Matt. 13-15

Facebook & Instagram live streams: NEW TIMES

We’re switching up our start times for our social media live chats, beginning this Sunday, Jan. 10!

Facebook – 9:30 a.m.
Instagram – 10 a.m.

Christmas 2020 giving update

With your incredible generosity during a pandemic holiday season, we were able to raise $53,783.51 toward our goal of $75,000 to fund the following initiatives.

Church community: 

  • A COVID-safe, at-home Christmas Eve experience

  • General fund support


  • Financial support for foster and adoptive families

  • Advent prayer and reflection space for everyone in our community and city


  • An emerging network of like-minded churches around the country

  • Scholarship fund for future Telos peacemaking pilgrimages

(While our fund will remain open for another week to allow all donations to be fully processed, please note that anything given toward our Christmas 2020 Fund will not count in your 2020 giving but will appear on your 2021 giving statement for tax purposes.)

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