We’re not always heroes

How we’re learning together through Lent

This weekend, we’re starting a new teaching series for Lent: “We’re not always heroes.” It’s inspiring to look to the heroes of Scripture and imagine what we might have in common with them. But what about the villains? When we see characters in these stories who rebel against God, who work against love, who resist the truth, or who participate in injustice, should we stand at a distance and judge them? Or could we identify with them? And if so, could we learn to leave some bad patterns behind and get on with the way of living that Jesus calls us to?

We’re also reading Jemar Tisby’s “The Color of Compromise” during Lent. If our practice in this season is to see what we have in common with characters who resist the kingdom of God, then we might also want to consider the history of the American church’s complicity in racism as a modern example that we need to understand.

And if you’re looking for a tool to help you pray and reflect through these themes this Lent, be sure to check out our reflection piece, “Speak What is True,” on the South Bend City Church YouTube channel and podcast feed. Feel free to revisit this reflection as often as is helpful to you.


Don’t forget – Studebaker 112 is open for Lent prayer and reflection hours. Join us (masked and socially distanced) for reflection and prayer, the lighting of candles, and a contactless opportunity to receive communion. Kids are encouraged to participate in the full prayer and reflection experience with their family!

Thursdays | 5 – 7 p.m.
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(NOTE: We said we’d be back this week, but we’ve decided to take a break from our Sunday morning Instagram and Facebook live conversations during Lent to focus on this opportunity. We hope you can join us – and we’ll be back online after Lent!)