Daybreak at The Morris

Daybreak at The Morris:
A Meditation on the Meaning of Easter

This film is an Easter gift to help you meditate on the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection, with help from Jesuit mystic Pierre Teilhard De Chardin and the Book of Common Prayer.
Teaching Series: How to Live in a New World

The people who first encountered the resurrection of Jesus understood that this event was bigger than one person in one moment. They believed that a whole new world had been born, and they believed that they could be part of this new world while living in the midst of the old one. We’ll explore the possibilities of this new world in our new teaching series launching this Sunday, April 11. Join us for a live gathering at 11 a.m. at Four Winds Field or catch it on the podcast or YouTube!

SBCC phases of resuming in-person gatherings

While we are still determining the exact timeline for returning to Studebaker 112, we are making plans for what each phase will look like, as described above.

We are currently in Phase 1, with outdoor gatherings at Four Winds Field. Phase 2 will bring us back to Studebaker 112, with limited capacity and registration for Sunday gatherings as well as masks and social distancing indoors. We look forward to Phase 3, when all restrictions are lifted and we can resume coffee service indoors and unlimited capacity for both adults and kids!

As always, we are consulting with local health officials and health professionals within our community, and we’re keeping an eye on overall COVID case numbers, hospital capacity, and vaccine availability. More details will follow, and you can always keep up to date on the latest information via our newsletter or our websiteIf you have any questions on these phases, please don’t hesitate to contact us at