Don’t forget to register for Thursday & Sunday gatherings

Gathering registration opens every Monday

Don’t forget to register weekly as we resume indoor gatherings at Studebaker 112! Please visit our website to register for each person attending our 7 p.m. Thursday gatherings & 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. Sunday gatherings. We also ask that you register ages 0-5 for our limited capacity kids’ rooms (Sunday only). Weekly registration opens each Monday!
Reminder: We will remain masked and socially distanced in our main gathering areas and have coffee available outdoors between gatherings only. Please join us after the 9 a.m. gathering or prior to the 11 a.m. gathering for outdoor coffee service on the west side of our building (coffee must be consumed outdoors). This area will also serve as overflow if we reach capacity indoors.
Register here!
This week: Open floor practice

As a community, we’re beginning our journey together through Psalms and practices. This week, we invite you to read through Psalm 30 and take some time to reflect on the last 14 months. You may want to pull out a journal to write as you reflect. What were the highs and the lows? Where did things turn? What threads were woven through the whole experience of pandemic life? Your calendar and photo album might be helpful tools for you to look through as you narrate your experience. Then, in our next gatherings on May 6 and 9, you’ll have the opportunity to share some of your reflections in an open floor, and we’ll compose a communal Psalm together using some of these shared reflections. You can look for this week’s teaching and further instruction via podcast early this week! We’re excited to hear from you and experience our first open floor of 2021!