WE’RE HIRING: Worship & Arts Pastor

Video: Worship & Arts Pastor

ROLE SUMMARY: The Worship and Arts Pastor works with our lead pastor, worship associate, and others to curate the songs, prayers, Scriptures, reflections, Eucharistic practices, quiet spaces, and celebrations that help our church grow in the way of Jesus, and leads the teams that create those expressions for our gatherings and podcast.

WANT TO HEAR MORE? Check out the video above where Jason Miller (lead pastor) and Zach Gillis (worship associate/care coordinator) share the vision for this role and visit southbendcitychurch.com/jobs for all the details.

Meet Katie Miller: Administrative Specialist

Katie grew up in South Bend and attended Taylor University and IUSB on the way to her master’s degree in accounting. She and her three children have been a part of SBCC in one way or another since it was just an idea, having been a part of early informational meetings and conversations about what SBCC could one day become.

Part of Katie’s love for South Bend stems from getting to see her kids experience some of the exact things she did growing up. She remembers going to the zoo, the same local pools, and even the same library that she is now taking her kids to.

Katie enjoys having meals with small groups of friends and even cooking those meals together. She loves the quality time of the food prep, dining, and shared conversation.

Katie considers herself an old soul as she likes to knit or curl up with a good book, hot coffee and her dog on quiet days.

Italy holds a special place in Katie’s heart as her dad’s mom is 100% Italian and she still has family living in Pisa. She’d love to go back there someday.

What Katie loves most about the SBCC community is that doubt and questions are encouraged, and there is space held for wherever you are on your journey.

You can connect with Katie via email or on Facebook!