May 7, 2023

Baptism Gatherings


On May 7, in both of our gatherings, we will be witnessing and celebrating with those who are choosing to get baptized. Baptism is a ritual given to us by Jesus. It’s for people who want to be initiated as his disciples, who want to live a new life with him, who want to surrender to God and allow God to live God’s life in them. It’s layered with symbols, like death and resurrection, cleansing and forgiveness, and new birth. It’s also a chance for us as a community to celebrate with you and make a commitment to walk with you in this journey.

It’s not for perfect people. It’s not just for people who never have any doubts. It doesn’t mean you have all your theology figured out. It’s an expression of trust and open-heartedness to the God we encounter in Jesus. 

If you’re considering baptism, these questions may help you discern if it’s right for you. 

Do I trust Jesus to bring me into life in God’s kingdom? 
Do I want God to live God’s life in me?
Am I aware of my own
tendency to live a life that’s less than the love, truth, grace, and peace that God wants to live in me?
Do I trust God’s willingness to forgive and embrace me?
Am I
ready to be known as a follower of Jesus?

If you want to get baptized in one of our gatherings or have further questions about whether this is the right step for you, please fill out this form by April 30.

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