April 20, 2022

Easter Sunday at SBCC: Baptism, pledge update, and sabbatical


Our Easter celebration

On Easter Sunday, we gathered for baptism, a message about the world’s most powerful resource, our final weekly Tribune Project financial update, and Lead Pastor Jason Miller’s sabbatical send-off. All these elements made for an incredible morning together. Here’s a quick recap of the morning:

BAPTISM: We were able to baptize 9 individuals (including three children).

SABBATICAL: Our board of directors initiated a plan prior to the COVID-19 pandemic for our lead pastor, Jason Miller, to take a sabbatical. In light of the pandemic, that plan was put on pause. Last summer, the process resumed, and a grant was procured to fund this three-and-a-half month sabbatical for rest and renewal. This sabbatical began following our Easter gatherings, and we look forward to hearing more from familiar voices within our community as well as friends from outside our community during this period. And we look forward to Jason’s return from his sabbatical this fall.

THE TRIBUNE PROJECT: Our pledge amount total is now $1,555,040 with 182 individuals and families participating. While financial updates will become less frequent with the conclusion of our fundraising-specific phase, we will continue to provide milestone updates as we make progress in planning, funding, and strategy for our future home.

The opportunity to pledge any amount, to be contributed as a one-time gift or several over the next two years, to help us purchase and renovate the Tribune building will remain until the building project concludes. Just visit

We are humbled by and grateful for the participation of this community in The Tribune Project. We continue to be excited for our future home and the other opportunities it will bring for participation and engagement with our neighbors in the city we love.

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