July 5, 2023

Jesus Stories (SBCC Summer Series)


In late July and early August, we’ll take four weeks to hear some personal reflections on stories from the Gospels. Each week, a different teacher will take us into a different encounter with Jesus. We’ll wrestle together with the strange, beautiful, challenging things he says and does, and we’ll look for ways to live differently in light of these encounters.

July 23, the first week of the series, will also include a special send-off. Our Lead Pastor, Jason Miller, is releasing a book that shares his own journey with the eight blessings Jesus speaks in Matthew 5, sometimes called the Beatitudes. We’ll hear the story behind the book and a teaching from it, and we’ll pray for Jason as he heads into a book tour where he’ll share the message with some of our kindred church communities in other places.

If you’d like to learn more about SBCC’s relationship to Jason’s book, including the process our board and staff worked through to create transparency and accountability related to its release, check out this podcast episode.

We will interrupt that series with a Sabbath Sunday on August 20. Here at SBCC, there are four mantras that guide our way of life together as a church, and one of those mantras is “Fields, Not Factories”. It calls us to remember that life with God works a little bit like life in the field, which includes seasons of rest. So we’re taking a sabbath break in August, with no gatherings and no podcast on August 20th. We encourage you to enter into some practice of rest, whatever that looks like for you. Our offices will also be closed from August 14th through the 20th to give our staff the opportunity to engage in this practice as well.

Summer Teaching Schedule
July 23 – Jason Miller (book tour send-off)
July 30 – Dr. Angela Logan
August 6 – Mike Goldsworthy
August 13 – Mallory Wyckoff
August 20 – NO GATHERINGS OR PODCAST (Sabbath Sunday)
August 27 – Meredith Miller

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