February 18, 2022

Our future home and how we’ll get there


Our heart and hopes for the future 

A few weeks ago, our lead pastor, Jason Miller, spoke about how our mantras will guide us as we make plans for our future home. We encourage you to take a listen to that podcast as it might help give a clearer picture of how we envision the next few months of financial discernment in the life of SBCC.

Here are some highlights from that teaching:

Sushi, not fish stew – We want to make sure our future home is a space that is good for the community all week long, not just for a few hours a week. And we will strive to keep things clear and not too complicated in the process.

Practices, not performances – There will be invitations for people to make financial commitments, but contributions don’t equal worth or importance, or spirituality or faithfulness.

Fields, not factories – Discovering our community’s capacity to fund our new building will be a process we engage in together.

Everyone an icon – The Tribune printing factory was a place that was meant to help people understand the world and their place in it right now. And the good news is, that will still be what happens here.

We hope you find this perspective on how we’ll navigate fundraising and planning to be helpful and that it will allow you to consider the best way to participate personally if you choose to!

Visit the Tribune building 

South Bend Tribune press building - corner of Lafayette & Lasalle

Between now and Easter, we’ll give you updates on purchasing, funding, planning, and more, for our future home. And we’ll let you know when there are chances to jump into the process. Your first opportunity is a chance to visit the Tribune building and hear more details about planning and projected financial costs. If you are able, we’d love for you to join us this coming Monday, Feb. 21, at 6 p.m., for a brief informational time. We realize this is short notice, but we were just recently made aware that we’ll be limited in future opportunities to visit the building prior to purchase. If you’re able and would like to join us Monday evening, here are some important details:

Tribune building preview night
Where: Tribune press building – corner of Lafayette Blvd. & Lasalle Ave.
When: Monday, Feb. 21, 6-6:45 p.m.
Parking: On the street or in the lot across Lafayette Blvd.
Please note the space is not safe for younger kids,
but those in 5th grade and up are welcome!

There will be several more opportunities to find out more about our plans for our future home, but we wanted to make sure you knew about this chance to see the building in person!

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