April 13, 2022

Our latest Tribune Project update


Total Pledges: The Tribune Project
The Tribune - A Place for the People. Committed: $1,487,890. Participation: 169 individuals and families.

This past weekend, we were able to share this pledge update:

Pledge amount committed: $1,340,227
Number of pledges: 127

We are humbled and inspired by this generosity toward an investment in our future home. Thanks to several more pledges since this weekend, the latest update on our overall goal of $3 million is:

Pledge amount committed: $1,487,890
Number of pledges: 169

Over the past few weeks during this fundraising phase of The Tribune Project, we’ve explained a few options for the potential scope of renovations based on pledges committed toward the project. (Our bank mortgage amount will be determined by the amount of pledges we’re able to provide.) Those options are as follows:

$1,500,000 – PHASED version of renovations without separate main gathering area (atrium/lobby would serve as gathering area). At some point in our future, we would need to do another funding project to complete the vision for the building. 

$2,000,000 – BASIC version of the vision we’ve shared for the whole building. This option is also more appealing to the banks we’re talking to about the mortgage portion of the funding since it’s a complete project and not a partial scope.

$3,000,000 – FULL version of renovations as depicted in our flythrough video and renderings. 

There is still time to make a pledge of any amount, to be contributed as a one-time gift or several over the next two years, in order to help us secure appropriate mortgage financing through the bank. If you’d like to make or update your pledge, visit (After this date, we will still accept pledges – they just won’t be included in documentation our bank receives as they determine our mortgage amount.)

Listen to the SBCC podcast to catch the latest updates, and visit to view more details about The Tribune Project.

Good Friday & Easter Sunday Gatherings

April 15
12:15 p.m.

– 30-minute gathering featuring the eucharist
– No kids’ ministry

April 17
9 & 11 a.m.

– Coffee & snack hour on the west lawn
(weather-permitting) between gatherings
– Featuring baptism at both gatherings

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