Our Mantras

Want to know a little more about us? These mantras describe what we’re learning from Jesus about how to be human and how to be a church. For a deeper dive, listen to the podcast episode for each one.

Sushi, Not Fish Stew

We’re aiming for a beautiful, intentional simplicity in our life together. If we can stay clear on what’s most important, we can leave the clutter behind.

Everyone an Icon

The first word in the Bible about humanity is that we bear the image of God. It’s an assertion of profound dignity, and it’s our starting point with every person we meet.

Practices, Not Performances

Your life doesn’t have to be a performance. Neither does church. Failure isn’t fatal. And we’re here to practice together in the rhythms of grace and peace that Jesus teaches.

Fields, Not Factories

The spirituality Jesus describes often uses metaphors from the field, where patience matters, seasons come and go, and new life takes many different forms.

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