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Recent Episodes

May 23, 2021

Jason Miller & Daniel Bannoura

In light of the recent escalations of violence in the Holy Land, our podcast this week features a special learning opportunity. Our Lead Pastor, Jason Miller, sat down for a conversation with Daniel Bannoura, a Palestinian who is attending grad school here in South Bend and a member of our SBCC family. Daniel shares his perspective on the conflict and an encouragement for followers of Jesus who want to serve the cause of peace.
April 1, 2021

Jason Miller and Dr. Angela Logan

During Lent, we’ve been reflecting on our own capacity to work against God’s kingdom. We’ve also been reading Jemar Tisby’s “The Color of Compromise” to reflect on the American Church’s complicity in racism as an application of this big idea. As we celebrate Holy Thursday and approach the events of Jesus’ passion, our lead pastor, Jason, sat down for a conversation with Dr. Angela Logan to discuss their experiences reading the book.

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