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June 9, 2024

Mariah Keener

For our final week in Romans, we take time to reflect on some of the themes we’ve been exploring since the Fall. We are reminded that sin and death is at work in the world around us and within us, but that there is something even more powerful at work in the world: liberation. And in a world where relationships are fracturing and fraying, the power of this gospel is that we have been reconciled to God and each other and that we are called into community and belonging with one another, in spite of the differences that might keep us apart.

We explore these themes through the practices of singing, reading, personal reflection, open floor, and Eucharist with excerpts from Romans. We would love for you to join us in these practices, so feel free to grab materials that help you in your personal practice. If you want to join us for Eucharist, make sure to have some form of cracker or bread and some form of juice or wine.

For the songs and readings from today, please scroll down.

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The gift of the Holy Spirit was meant to give birth to a church that carried on the work of Jesus. So what do we do with a church that so often betrays Jesus? At the end of this weekend’s gatherings, we were reminded that each of us shares in the communion of saints and we got to celebrate the baptisms of 6 of our community members.

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March 19, 2023

Becky Ykema

During Lent, we’re reflecting on the ways that life often calls us to let go. Relationships. Visions of our future. Old ways of doing things that aren’t fruitful anymore. In this weekend’s gatherings, our friend, Becky Ykema, led our community in some practices to reflect on and engage our own stories of letting go. Sometimes letting go of these things can feel a bit like dying, but that’s why Lent is a good time for this reflection. And as we make our way to Good Friday and Easter, we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection, knowing that he walks with us in those small deaths.

Today’s gathering includes the practices of singing, breath prayer, communal reading, open floor, holy space, and the Eucharist. If you would like to join us in the practice of Eucharist, make sure to have some form of cracker or bread and wine or juice.

November 20, 2022

In today’s gathering, we focus ourselves on gratitude by exploring the good out in the world and the good within our own lives. Instead of listening to a teaching today, we ask that you join us in practices intended to center ourselves on a spirit of thankfulness and that lead us to the Eucharist table together.

Resources mentioned in the gathering:
Good News Network (articles referenced)
Some Good News (Youtube)
UnderTheDeskNews (TikTok)

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November 13, 2022

Join us as we enter into a time of prayer and reflection based on Psalm 27. Using resources from the Book of Common Prayer and the New Zealand Book of Prayer, we center ourselves in the here and now with new language intended to expand our experience of the Divine Mystery at the center of the Universe.

Find the full transcript HERE

October 30, 2022

In this Sunday’s gatherings, families of all kinds came forward to dedicate themselves in the sacred work of raising kids, and we as a church affirmed them and committed ourselves to walking with them. We culminated our time with the Eucharist, so if you’d like to join us in that practice, feel free to grab crackers and juice of some kind.

Tribune Project Update Recap – 1:59
Family Dedication – 13:25
Eucharist – 36:03

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