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Recent Episodes

August 14, 2022
This weekend we asked for an influx of joy into our lives. Whether we are greatly celebrating or greatly hurting, we centered ourselves on a hope for a better tomorrow through a few songs and a practice called “Prayers of the People”. Transcript can be found at
July 31, 2022

Mariah Keener and SBCC Community

There was not a new sermon this weekend at South Bend City Church, but we instead took some time to reflect, meditate, and engage in a gathering designed to lead us to the table. We had the opportunity to have kids in our gatherings and for them lead us in different ways. Over 50 kids created art based on our four mantras and those pieces were displayed during a liturgy centered on those binding values that we hold. We also heard two spoken word pieces created by elementary aged students and had the opportunity to respond to the same prompts. We would love for you to join with us in this gathering by looking at a few pieces of the art, grabbing markers and paper, and engaging however best speaks to you. Our time together culminates with the Eucharist so feel free to grab crackers and juice and join us at the table. Full transcript can be found at: and the Kid’s Art can be found at:
July 10, 2022
To start our gatherings this weekend, we centered ourselves on the faithfulness of God. While we recognize that there’s a wide variety of experiences and feelings that come up when the “faithfulness of God” is mentioned, we hope to see goodness and faithfulness manifest in our lives and in the life of our community. Find the full transcript at
In last week’s gatherings, we engaged in some practices to help us reflect on what we’ve discussed over the last four weeks. We continued to look at what it means for us to see everyone as an icon specifically in the areas discussed by our teachers this month. We reflected on the series by using the Scriptures we explored each week, followed by some questions, a prayer, and an open floor in which members of our community shared what they learned through our time together. Full transcript can be found at
June 19, 2022
This weekend we took some time in our gathering to recognize Juneteenth. While this day can carry tension for a variety of reasons for a variety of people, we joyfully celebrated this historic day of freedom through Scripture and song. Transcript can be found at
June 12, 2022
In this weekends gatherings, before jumping in to week 2 of our “Everyone an Icon” series, we spent some time centering ourselves of the image of God within us. Before we can see the “icon” in others we must first seek to see it within ourselves. Through several songs, a personal story, and Psalm 8 we sought to remind ourselves of who we are in light of the inherent dignity of being human. Full Transcript can be found at:

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