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Recent Episodes

July 3, 2022
Today at SBCC we did not meet in person, but, instead, took this Sunday as a Sabbath. This allows staff, volunteers, and our community as a whole to rest — in line with our Fields, not Factories mantra. We have compiled a list of “essential” sermons — teachings that heavily influence our life together as a community — and some liturgies for you to listen or process through, in case you were looking for resources to accompany your Sabbath.
Ryan Yazel – We concluded our series on our “Everyone an Icon” Mantra by looking at the complexity and redemption built into the story of Egypt. (Matthew 2:1-14)
June 19, 2022
This weekend we took some time in our gathering to recognize Juneteenth. While this day can carry tension for a variety of reasons for a variety of people, we joyfully celebrated this historic day of freedom through Scripture and song. Transcript can be found at https://bit.ly/6-19-22-juneteenthliturgy
This week in our 4-week series looking at our mantra. “Everyone An Icon,” we reflect on the question “What happens when you don’t see yourself as an icon?” For some of us, it’s easier to see the icon-ness in others than it is to see the icon-ness in the face that greets us in the mirror every morning. Looking at the story of the Apostle Peter, we will reflect on the ways we can learn to see the goodness and Godness in ourselves.
June 12, 2022
In this weekends gatherings, before jumping in to week 2 of our “Everyone an Icon” series, we spent some time centering ourselves of the image of God within us. Before we can see the “icon” in others we must first seek to see it within ourselves. Through several songs, a personal story, and Psalm 8 we sought to remind ourselves of who we are in light of the inherent dignity of being human. Full Transcript can be found at: https://bit.ly/6-15-22-liturgytranscript
June 12, 2022

Ryan Yazel and David Cramer

Last week we asked the question, “What difference does ‘Everyone an Icon’ make?” This week we learn through a practical interview about the Christian tradition of nonviolence through with David Cramer, the Pastor of Keller Park Church in South Bend and co-author of “A Field Guide to Christian Nonviolence: Key Thinkers, Activists, and Movements for the Gospel of Peace”.

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