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Recent Episodes

Jesus continues his warnings against public displays of religiosity when he talks about prayer and fasting. What is his concern and what does it mean for those of us who no longer find ourselves in a world with religious expectations? This week’s episode also includes an important update on our future church home. The pictures referenced in this important update can be found at: https://bit.ly/1-16-22-Photos
In our gatherings this weekend, we took time before jumping back into the Sermon on the Mount to reflect on and respond to the last few weeks. Sometimes we can feel alone in whatever we’re going through, whether it’s the deep pain of life not being what we thought it would be or experiencing a season of great joy in the midst of everyone else’s chaos. We hope that this liturgy serves as a reminder to everyone in our community that “you are not alone”. // Full Transcript at: https://bit.ly/1-9-22-liturgy-transcript // Song: I Am Not Alone by Kari Jobe CCLI SONG #7007821
January 9, 2022

Jason Miller

Jesus tells us to give in secret, without “trumpeting” the gift or letting one hand know what the other is doing. Why does giving in secret matter? And what do we do with the apparent contradiction between this teaching and his instruction in chapter 5 to let people see our good deeds?
December 19, 2021

Jason Miller

When things are hard, like they are right now, we find all kinds of ways to try to escape. Some of those paths are more destructive than others, but they all take us further away from hope.
December 12, 2021

Jason Miller and Daniel Bannoura

If Advent is a time to explore the meaning of hope in the face of dark realities, we should talk about injustice. Daniel Bannoura is a Palestinian Christian and a member of our SBCC family who shared with us about the experience of violence and injustice in his homeland and the ways he seeks hope. Books Referenced: The Other Side of the Wall by Munther Isaac
December 5, 2021

Jason Miller and Jim Stump

If Advent is a time to explore the meaning of hope in the face of dark realities, we should talk about one of the most difficult things we’re facing in this era: climate change. Jim Stump is the Vice President of Programs at Biologos, an organization that explores the intersection between science and Christian faith. He joined us for a conversation about science and faith, creation care and climate change, and hope in the face of daunting challenges. To learn more about Biologos, head to their website for a rich archive of resources from theologians, scientists, and other thought leaders. Jim also hosts Biologos’ podcast, The Language of God, and we highly recommend it. You’ll also hear a brief conversation at the beginning of the episode with Andrea Cramer, Executive Director of Neighbor to Neighbor, explaining how our Christmas offering will support the work they’re doing to welcome refugees arriving in our area.

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