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Jason Miller – A teaching on the scandal of the particular, and the beauty of finding God in the details of Jesus.

At the end of the teaching, we were led through a practice called Lectio Divina which focuses on scriptural reading, meditation, and prayer. Our time together then concluded with a song led by our worship team, called “Jesus at the Center” by Israel Houghton.

September 25, 2022

This weekend, instead of a new teaching, we entered into some practices to further reflect on God as Creator. Based off of the challenges we received from Jason in last weeks teaching, we spent some time reflecting on creation and in the practice of creating. If you want to join in with us in these practices, you can use the resources below. And if you want to engage in the creation practices with us, you can find those resource below

Link to the Spotify Playlist HERE
Link to the Nature Reflection HERE
Link to the Origami Instructions – HERE

September 18, 2022
This liturgy, which was paired with this week’s teaching on God as Creator, explores the relationship with the world around us and the Divine. We spent some time reflecting through song, through reading, and by centering ourselves back on the Apostle’s Creed as we continue in our series Old Creed, New World. Music recorded live at Studebaker 112 and spoken word recorded separately. Follow along with the full transcript found at: https://bit.ly/9-18-22-creationliturgy
Since the 19th century, the story of creation has been complicated by another story about the biological processes that led to the diversity of life we see on our planet. Are these competing stories? Or is it possible that God is showing us something beautiful in the story that Darwin tells? If you want to look at the James Webb Space Telescope images referenced in the sermon, go to https://webbtelescope.org/news/first-images/gallery
This week in our gatherings we introduced a new song that is based on the Apostle’s Creed and we entered into a practice called Prayers of the People. We felt it important to pray for the Church at large, individual needs, and remembrance on a day such as September 11th, as well as center ourselves on the faithfulness and love of God through all seasons of life.
Of all the things a creed could say about God, the first thing the Apostles’ Creed says is that God is Father. What does that do in a world with such complicated experiences around gender, patriarchy, parenthood, and faith?

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