May 10, 2023

[CONVERSATION] A New Book and Some Questions

Jason Miller, Matt Graybill, and Kem Meyer

Our lead pastor, Jason Miller, announced this week that his first book will be released in August. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate the book and hear the heart behind it. SBCC celebrates the work our team does in the world when it’s aligned with our message and mission.

We’ve also seen too many examples of this being done badly, where potential conflicts of interest are ignored and accountability is lacking, so we wanted to offer some transparency about the process and plan we’ve pursued to do this in a way that honors our values.

In this conversation, you’ll hear Jason, our executive pastor Matt Graybill, and board member Kem Meyer sharing the story behind the book, the questions we’ve wrestled with as it’s being promoted and released, and the plan for SBCC’s relationship to the book.

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