November 28, 2023

[CONVERSATION] Christmas Offering 2023

Since the founding of South Bend City Church, we’ve focused on the practice of generosity as one way of celebrating Christmas, with gratitude for God’s generosity to us in the gift of Jesus. This year’s practice includes three invitations to give: (1) to support the church’s general fund and sustain our regular ministries, (2) to give to the Tribune project to ensure that we are able to cross the finish line on the phase 1 renovation, and (3) a special Christmas offering. As with past years, this Christmas offering goes to support objectives in line with our calling as a community of grace and peace for our city and the world.

In this episode, we speak with leaders and stakeholders who represent the causes we’ll be supporting this Christmas. To give to our Christmas Offering, The Tribune Project, or our general fund, click below and make sure the correct fund is selected.

Give to the Christmas Offering
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