August 1, 2020

Important things are worth revisiting

This week, instead of pressing forward with new teaching via video and podcast, we wanted to pause to take the time to remember some of the things we have learned together that have been most influential to who we are as a church.

This may be an opportunity to reinforce some learning from the past, or it may be the first time you’ll hear some of these ideas that have shaped our church.

Here is a curated selection of past teachings we’re recommending this week. If you get a chance, listen to one or more of these podcasts from past gatherings:

7.2.17 [TEACHING] – Bible [rehab] – Context
7.9.17 [TEACHING] – Bible [rehab] – Community
7.16.17 [TEACHING] – Bible [rehab] – Tension in the text
7.23.17 [TEACHING] – Bible [rehab] – Jesus-centered book

8.26.18 [TEACHING] A Sacred Conversation: Sexuality

1.13.19 [TEACHING] – Mantra – Sushi, Not Fish Stew
1.20.19 [TEACHING] – Mantra – Everyone an Icon
1.27.19 [TEACHING] – Mantra – Practices, Not Performances
2.3.19 [TEACHING] – Mantra: Fields, Not Factories



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