May 12, 2024

[LITURGY] Lament from Psalm 130

Mariah Keener

This weekend in our gatherings, we took some time to reflect on the lament of Psalm 130 and the laments in our community. As a community that holds tension, we balance the hope some of us have while honoring the pain and journeys of others. Whether you’re near or far, we hope this time offers a chance for you to breathe, lament, and be held by this community.

Follow along with the transcript below.

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Intro: Hey South Bend City Church, Mariah here, the Director of Art and Worship. We’re so thankful that you chose to join us today and so grateful that you’re a part of our community. This weekend we had the opportunity to enter into a liturgy based on Psalm 130. We do so by singing together, by reading, and by taking some time to reflect on the things going on in the world around us and in our lives. So wherever you are, we hope this liturgy is a welcome breather and offers you the chance to sit and reflect on the things going on in your world.


Thanks so much for joining us. Let’s jump in with the rest of our community now.


Mariah: So J just spoke about the tension that we hold and that’s a reading [Mother’s Day Reading] that embodies that. And we hope that this can be a space that we hold that tension and hold each other. So, you know, last week, if you were here, we did a liturgy that was very faith belief focused. It was gratitude, it was thankful. And for some of you that could have been maybe the most painful experience.


Well, today’s for you. But in all seriousness, we are gonna switch because we see texts all throughout the Bible that would be classified as laments. And one of those is Psalm 130, which we’ll focus on today.


But one of the great privileges and hardships of being on staff here, and I know our staff carries this as well, is to walk alongside of all of you when you go through these lament seasons. Maybe it’s looking at the world around us and it breaks you for one or more reasons. Maybe it’s a personal situation that you’re walking through. But that is, it’s such a privilege to walk with you all through. And I just know in our community, there’s a lot of pain right now. And we’re gonna take time to honor that through these readings, through these songs.


And maybe that’s you, maybe you need these sung and read over you. Maybe you need to sing them as loud as you can. We’ve got our prayers of the people wall. Maybe you need to go over there and write a prayer. You don’t have to put your name or any identifiers. Just write a prayer and hang it. But whatever you need for this time, I hope that today you felt held by this community, by the people around you and by this space. And so yeah, we’ll focus on Psalm 130 verses one through two.


Psalm 130:1-2
Out of the depths, I cry to you, Lord. Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.


Kingdom Come by Common Hymnal
Verse 1
God, have you abandoned?
Are you still there?
We’re hoping and we’re waiting
The world that you created
Is in despair
There’s war and violence everywhere

Restore in us a new mind
When hatred seems to come
Create in us a pure heart
And let your kingdom come

Verse 2
There are people marching
Hands in the air
They are hurting, they are scared
They are people trying
To understand
Why racial wars are here again

Chorus x2

Let your Kingdom come
Let your Kingdom come
Let your Kingdom come
Let your Kingdom come




Psalm 130:5-7
I wait for the Lord. My whole being waits. And in his word, I put my hope. I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning. So put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love.


Sufficient for Today by Maverick City Music
Verse 1
There may be storms
That won’t move out the way
And trials will come
To only test my faith
What I’ve learned about Your favor
Your mercy and Your grace
Is they go on forever
They’re sufficient for today

Verse 2
When I’m worried about tomorrow
I won’t be overwhelmed
And the burdens that I’ve carried
I will choose to lay them down
‘Cause what I’ve learned about Your favor
Your mercy and Your grace
Is they go on forever
They’re sufficient for today

Chorus x2
And hallelujah
They’re sufficient for today

Verse 3
In the joy and in the sorrow
I find You just the same
And behind my darkest mornings
There’s a peace I can’t explain
I’m so grateful for Your favor
Your mercy and Your grace
‘Cause they go on forever
They’re sufficient for today

Chorus x2

Verse 4
One day I’ll finally see You
And my faith will be my sign
And all my present suffering
Will be gone and left behind
I’ll be standing in Your favor
Your mercy and Your grace
‘Cause they go on forever
They still go on forever
Oh, they still go on forever
All glory to Your name


Chorus x4


Mariah: So God today, for those in this room that are lamenting today, whether it’s something they’re seeing in the world at large, maybe it’s in their circle of relationship, or maybe it’s their own personal lives. God, I pray that today they feel held.


I pray that we would hold one another in the joy and in the sorrow. And I pray that we would find you just the same. The Divine who is love, the Divine who is here, the Divine who wraps its essence around us every single day.


God, thank you for this community. Thank you for the way we hold one another. Today we just say thank you for South Bend City Church. We pray this in Jesus’ name, amen. Thanks guys, go ahead and grab a seat.