May 8, 2022

[TEACHING + CONVERSATION] Start with Hello (wk 3)

Shannan Martin and Judge Stephanie Steele

Week 3 of a 6-week series on How to Live As Neighbors. In a time, and world, that has become increasingly polarized and complicated, we talk about what it looks like to listen well. And we explore this idea against the backdrop of the story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman from John 4:1-30.  Then we get to hear from a member of our own community, Judge Stephanie Steele, who recently made history by becoming the first Black Woman appointed to the St. Joseph County Superior Court. She ended our time by sharing some of the wise practices she has adopted in hopes of listening well in her role as judge and in her everyday life.  This series is based on an upcoming book by author Shannan Martin titled, “START WITH HELLO: And Other Simple Ways to Live As Neighbors.”



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