May 22, 2022

[TEACHING + CONVERSATION] Start With Hello (wk 5)

Beth Graybill and Kathy Burnette

Week 5 of a 6-week series on How to Live As Neighbors. In a season when we’re all wondering how to be human while living as neighbors, we talk about what it means to practice empathy and build connection by acknowledging the personhood of those around us. And we explore this idea against the backdrop of the story of Paul and his scribe, Tertius, from Romans 16:17-27. Then we get to hear from a member of the South Bend community, Kathy Burnette, who owns Brain Lair Books. Kathy shared her mission of building empathy one book at a time while uplifting marginalized voices. You can find out more info and browse the bookstore at https://www.brainlairbooks.com/ This series is based on an upcoming book by author Shannan Martin titled, “START WITH HELLO: And Other Simple Ways to Live As Neighbors.”



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