December 11, 2022

[TEACHING + REFLECTION] Old Creed, New World (Advent wk 3)

Mallory Wyckoff

As we enter the season of Advent, we’ll spend four weeks exploring the implications of a God who locates Godself in the womb of a young woman. This week we heard from Mallory Wyckoff, who brought a teaching that considers Mary’s experience in the Christmas story.

Mallory Wyckoff is a writer, speaker, spiritual director, and peacemaker. She serves as key relationships officer with Preemptive Love, a global community of peacemakers working to end war and stop the spread of violence. Having completed her dissertation on the impact of sexual trauma on survivors’ theological perception and spiritual formation, Mallory has a DMin in missional and spiritual formation. In all her work, Mallory is a trusted voice for people seeking to navigate their spirituality with curiosity, honesty, and courage.

But before we heard from Mallory, we also heard from Willow Wetherall, Executive Director of Downtown South Bend, about our partnership to support a social outreach ambassador position. This is one of the objectives funded by this year’s Christmas offering. To make a gift, head to southbendcitychurch.com/give and select the Christmas 2022 fund option.

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