April 21, 2024

[TEACHING] Romans (wk 10) – Chapters 9-11

Jason Miller

We’re still in Romans 9-11, where Paul wrestles with questions about his own Jewish people’s place in the ongoing story of God’s faithfulness.

Before the teaching, you’ll hear Jason share about the Post Evangelical Collective, a gathering of kindred leaders and communities that we’re a part of. In his introduction, he shared this manifesto from the PEC:

“We are church leaders, artists, and other stakeholders who find ourselves estranged from the dominant expressions of American Christianity. We feel homeless in the larger church landscape because: While Evangelicalism is the theological and cultural tradition that formed many of us, and while we’re grateful for the gifts that we received from that lineage, we find its boundaries too narrow for our experience of God and its politics corrupted by an un-Christlike vision We believe that every person is made in the image of Christ and have found that calling forth each person’s inherent worth has led to our own loss of belonging We seek a more just and inclusive expression of faith, but we reject the temptation to trade one exclusionary stance for another in the effort to address the need for justice and inclusion We see the Spirit moving through new ideas and theological and liturgical visions, but we also embrace the depth and breadth of historical faith and worship We believe that art and beauty are essential for vibrant spiritual community, but have also seen how highly performative expressions of church can inadvertently diminish the space for authenticity, humanity, imperfection, and honesty and distract from the attention we pay to the fruit of the Spirit growing in the lives of everyday people who follow Jesus together We believe in the importance of deconstruction, but we also believe in rebuilding faith as followers of Jesus, and we’re excited about inviting others into this way of life We don’t just want to take our cue from national church trends; we take our cue from our local contexts. We believe our churches should look and sound and taste more like the neighborhoods they serve than the latest church trends emerging from high profile places. We believe a too rigid faith fails to acknowledge the mystery of God, but also believe mystery doesn’t make God unknowable, but rather endlessly knowable.”

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