July 10, 2022

[TEACHING] Surprises In the Text (wk. 1): Receiving The Gift of Limits

Mike Goldsworthy

Perhaps the American success ethos that drives us to do more, achieve more and work harder as we defy our limits is actually not the best way to live. And perhaps there is a gift and a unique grace that we receive in the recognition, embrace and acceptance of our limits. We look at this through the lens of Hebrews 2:14-15, Matthew 5:3, and some thoughts from Richard Beck in his book Slavery of Death. Today’s teaching comes from Mike Goldsworthy, long time friend of SBCC. Mike is a speaker, resourcer, and guide with a passion for connecting like-minded churches and leaders. He also has a podcast, space for faith: re-imaginging the church for our current moment, and started the Post-Evangelical Collective which met here at SBCC last fall.



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