July 17, 2022

[TEACHING] Surprises in the Text (wk 2 part 1): Seeing, but Not Clearly

Mike Goldsworthy

Sometimes in our faith journey we need to see, but not clearly before our eyes can be opened to see clearly and in focus. Like the blind man who experiences a two part healing in Mark 8, our faith often progresses through stages that grow and expand. And the places where we have grown from were often necessary pieces to help bring us to where we are today. Part 2 of this gathering is a practice that helped us open ourselves up to this movement in our own faith journeys and it can be found as a separate episode. Today’s teaching comes from Mike Goldsworthy, long time friend of SBCC. Mike is a speaker, resourcer, and guide with a passion for connecting like-minded churches and leaders. He also has a podcast, space for faith: re-imaginging the church for our current moment, and started the Post-Evangelical Collective which met here at SBCC last fall.



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