April 3, 2022

[TEACHING] The Sermon on the Mount (wk 19) – Matthew 7:21-23

Jason Miller

After spending the last several months hearing Jesus describe what the life of God actually looks like as we’ve studied the sermon on the mount, it’s not hard to realize that some of the voices who talk the loudest about Jesus are far from the life he describes. But let’s not be surprised by that – Jesus actually anticipates this in his teaching. At the beginning of today’s podcast, you will also hear some updates on the Tribune Project. This weekend, we had the chance to hear a conversation between Jason and Willow Weatherall. Willow was instrumental in bringing SBCC to our current home at Studebaker. Today she serves as Executive Director of Downtown South Bend, Inc, and she shared a unique perspective with us on our move to the Tribune. To learn more about the Tribune Project or to make a financial commitment, head to southbendcitychurch.com. If you have any questions, concerns, hopes, or dreams for the building, email info@southbendcitychurch.com – we would love to hear from you. Or to go directly to the teaching this weekend, skip to 24:50.



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