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January 16, 2023

Quarterly Financial Update


Below is the quarterly financial update we shared with our community on January 15th to maintain transparency with finances and to thank our community for continued generosity. Please note that our fiscal year has been changed to July 1 – to June 30, so this report is half way through our fiscal year.

Quarterly Report for General Giving (July 1- Dec 31):
General Fund Giving YTD – $356,481
Budgeted Expenditures YTD – $383,094
Actual Expenditures YTD – $409,142


  • Our giving has decreased from year to year, we took note of that in the start of 2022 and readjusted our budget in the new fiscal year
  • Our budget is made up of Ministry, Personnel, and Operations. All three areas had significant cuts, but we continued to provided severance and health insurance for two full time employees (Ryan and Amanda) through the end of Nov which is why our actual expenditures are higher as well as when a few things hit from a purchase standpoint in the beginning of the year. We feel that we have budgeted appropriately but are continually keeping an eye on our overall giving.

Total Giving YTD (July 1-Dec 31) – $690,704
(This includes Tribune Project, Care, Foster Care and Adoption Fund)

# of total donors giving YTD -266
# of general fund donors YTD – 216
# of new donors YTD – 46
Average attendance for 2022: 318


  • Despite our general giving decreasing our overall giving has been quite amazing with the most ever given to South Bend City Church in a six month period.
  • Through your generosity, we continue to help people in our community with needed items like medical supplies, rent, car repair, meals, housing, through our care fund, as well as fund those who are caring for kids through the foster care and adoption fund.
  • Our number of donors continue to amaze us because the size of our community.

Christmas 2022:
Boys and Girls Club: $3410.53


  • Thanks to your generosity we will be able to give towards community, city, and world initiatives with our Christmas offering. Since we did not have Christmas Eve gatherings, we will continue to receive gifts towards Christmas for the next week.
  • Between Studebaker Talks and money set aside in our budget we were able to donate $3410.53 to the Boys and Girls Club of South Bend.

We also gave an update on The Tribune Project, which you can find HERE.

We are so grateful for the generosity of this community’s time, talents, and resources. This allows us to continue to be a church community of grace and peace for our city and the world.

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