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October 9, 2023

Quarterly Financial Update (Q1 2023-2024)


With a commitment towards transparency with finances, here is our quarterly financial report for July 1-Sept 30. Thanks to your generosity, we continue to pursue our calling as a community of grace and peace for our city and world. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 

Quarterly Report for General Fund
(July 1-September 30)

Budgeted Expenditures: $181,234
Giving: $171,774
Actual Expenditures: $156,041

As you can see, while giving was short of our budgeted expenditures, our actual spending came in even lower.

Our total cash on hand at the end of September reflects all funds, including the general fund, the Tribune Project, and the care fund. Our unrestricted cash on hand is still lower than our target of 3-6 months, which would be $181,250-$362,500, but it reflects a general improvement from our lowest point in the fall of 2022, when budget cuts required a reduction in staff positions.

Total cash on hand: $352,357
Unrestricted cash on hand: $109,416

We’re thankful for a generous church whose overall giving toward all funds in the last three months is reflected below:

Total Giving All Funds
(July 1-September 30)

$289,958 from 222 individuals and families
24 first time financial supporters

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