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August 13, 2023

Quarterly Financial Update (Q4 2023)


With a commitment towards transparency with finances here is our quarterly financial report. Thanks to your generosity we continue to be a community of grace and peace for our city and world. We just wrapped up our fiscal year in June so we have also included financial updates for the fiscal year. If you have any questions you can email
Stay tuned for our annual report that will be coming out shortly! Our budget is composed of three areas: Ministry, Personnel, and Operations.

Last year we needed to make significant cuts in all three areas because of a decrease in general giving, and also needed to make the difficult decision to layoff two full time staff (Ryan and Amanda). We continued to provided severance and health insurance for them through the end of Nov which is why our actual expenditures were higher for the year. We adjusted our budget going into the 2023/2024 Fiscal Year to $725,000 (*in 2022 our budget was $850,000)

General Giving (July 1- June 30):
General Fund Giving YTD – $734,147
Budgeted Expenditures YTD – $745,236
Actual Expenditures YTD – $758,514

Breaking out Quarter 4 (Q4) you can see that we have adjusted our budget to live within our means.
Before August of last year we had saved up rainy day funds to be able to survive on 3 months of operating expenses. Those funds were almost depleted because of the severance we gave. We have now been able to build those funds back up to be able to cover 1 month of operating expenses, and hope to have a reserve to cover 3-5 months of operating expenses in the future.

Q4 (April 1- June 30):
General Fund Giving Q4 – $185,577
Budgeted Expenditures Q4 – $181,071
Actual Expenditures Q4 – $170,979

Despite our general giving decreasing year over year, our overall giving has been quite amazing with the most ever given to South Bend City Church. We are encouraged by the amount of people in our community that are giving, and those who have joined. Through your generosity we continue to help people in our community with needed items like medical supplies, rent, car repair, meals, housing, as well as fund those who are caring for kids through foster care and adoption fund. (About half of our total number of donors has committed to reoccurring gifts which is super helpful for planning purposes.)

Total Giving YTD (July 1-June 30) – $1,477,262
(This includes Tribune Project, Care, Foster Care/Adoption, Four Winds Field, and Jefferson School Fund)
# of total donors giving YTD – 354
# of general fund donors YTD – 258
# of new donors YTD – 108


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