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October 9, 2022

Quarterly Financial Update


Thanks to the generosity of this community’s time, talents, and resources we are able to continue to be a church, a community of grace and peace for our city and the world.

Last year we made a commitment to our community to give financial updates every quarter.

In case you missed the last two updates in April and June here are a few notes:

  • Just after the start of 2022, our leadership and board made the decision to change our fiscal year to start in July. In the life of the church there are ups and downs to both giving and spending. Typically, the end of the calendar year is busiest for churches and makes it challenging to plan and forecast budgets. For that reason we moved our fiscal year to July – June.

  • In April, we gave an update that we were about $60k behind on budget and that we were monitoring it closely.

  • Towards the end of June we updated our community that the deficit had grown to over $100k as we were preparing the new budget year, and we were needing to make significant cuts.

  • We looked at ways to cut costs in the three areas of our budget: Ministry, Operations, and Personnel. This led us to needing to make some painful cuts with personnel, by eliminating the two full-time staff roles that Ryan Yazel and Amanda Harris held. We had 8 paid staff (6 full time and 2 part-time).

  • When looking at the first quarter of our new fiscal year (below), these numbers reflect the same 8 paid staff. This is because we are continuing to pay the salaries for the two roles that we needed to eliminate and to care for them financially with that salary and benefits until Nov 30th. We know we might need to continue to reach into our savings in order to care well for Ryan and Amanda though the end of November.

Here is a look at where we are this quarter:

Quarterly Report (July 1 thru Sept 30)

General Fund Giving YTD – $182,881

Budgeted Expenditures YTD – $202,024

Actual Expenditures YTD – $203,569

Total Giving YTD – $374,482
(This includes Tribune Project, Care, Foster Care and Adoption Fund)

# of total donors giving YTD -220

# of general fund donors YTD – 177

# of new donors YTD – 20

Our next quarterly update will be in January, and we will shift our annual report to the end of our fiscal year.  If you donate to the Tribune project you should be receiving monthly updates through email. We will give a church wide update on October 23.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

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