June 13, 2024

SBCC Sabbath and Summer Schedule (2024)


On July 7th, we will have a Sabbath Sunday. Here at SBCC, there are four mantras that guide our way of life together as a church, and one of those mantras is “Fields, Not Factories”. It calls us to remember that life with God works a little bit like life in the field, which includes seasons of rest. So we’re taking a sabbath break in July, with no gatherings and no podcast on July 7th. We encourage you to enter into some practice of rest, whatever that looks like for you. Our offices will also be closed from July 1st through the 7th to give our staff the opportunity to engage in this practice as well.

Then on Sundays, from July 14th through August 4th, we’ll take four weeks to talk about relationships. Right now, we are seeing a lot of relational strife in our community, in our city, and in the world at large. We specifically want to dive into questions like: “What do you do when you’re in relationship with someone who’s hurtful, whether maliciously or unintentionally?”, “how do you honor your own dignity while showing grace to others?”, and “how do you know when you should keep showing up and letting them in, even with proper boundaries, and when it’s time to bring a relationship to an end?”.

This summer we’ll get to hear from Brit Barron as she gets ready to release her book, “Do You Still Talk to Grandma?” in which she explores the “tension between relationship and accountability” when “those people who hurt us with their bigotry and ignorance . . . they’re often the people we love”. Mike Goldsworthy will walk us through two potential avenues of navigating conflict in relationships through a story in Acts. And we’ll have a chance to hear stories of relational heartbreak and healing from members of our community as they’re interviewed by Beth Graybill.

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