South Bend City Church is a place of grace and peace for our community and the world.  While SBCC exists for both our in-person and online communities, city context is an essential part of who we are as a church.

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Loving our city well starts with becoming the best neighbor we can be.

We commit to helping SBCC members better see and respond to their community. There is power when everyone comes together around a shared purpose. We love to unite our attention, energy, and resources for our city, especially those most vulnerable.

Who are we becoming?

Loving our city well starts with becoming the best neighbor we can be. We commit to helping SBCC members better see and respond to their community through educational events and grassroots opportunities.

You can attend one of our quarterly Streets Workshops, volunteer in the city with trusted partners, or get active in your own neighborhood!

Grassroots: Seeing & Responding to the World Around Us

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Refugee support in South Bend

We are partnering with Neighbor to Neighbor to form communities of support to help our new neighbors adjust to life in South Bend.

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Listen as we discuss becoming a place of grace and peace for our world.

We help create a place of grace and peace.

Through partnering with several community groups in the areas of education, refugee establishment, and affordable housing, we are committed to being a church for our city. Let us know you are interested in getting involved or providing financial support by emailing

For our world, our desire to be good neighbors is not limited by fences or borders.

 We seek God’s goodness across the globe by prioritizing peace-making in a world in conflict. We partner with the Telos Group, an organization that helps form and equip communities of peacemakers to help heal intractable conflict.  Peacemaking pilgrimages are becoming part of our global involvement.

In addition we are developing a mutual learning relationship with Redeemer Central of Belfast Northern Ireland.  We support The Long Table initiative, and have lots to learn from our friends there about open doors and long tables.

Join our Facebook Group

Our Facebook Collective group is a place where anyone in our church community can invite others to join them in community projects, volunteering, social events — if it’s positive and you’re a part of it, use the collective to share it with others.

The Tribune, a Place for the People, is underway as a project of South Bend City Church.  We are currently looking for community partners who would have an interest in using the Tribune space during the course of the week for the common good in our city. If you are interested in shared space in downtown South Bend, please contact The Tribune is located at the corner of Lasalle and Lafayette streets.  

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