We meet our neighbors on common ground for the common good, connecting through community partnerships, volunteer opportunities, and service events. You can find information below about both ongoing and one-time opportunities to jump in to this work together.


Caring for Vulnerable Children

Jesus was constantly working for the good of those on the margins of society, setting the example for us. We want to be a great church for vulnerable children and those who care for them through a variety of connections.



Last year in Indiana, 1 in 6 babies were born drug positive. Worldwide, an estimated 26 million children have experienced the loss of both parents. As people who follow a God who extends family beyond genetics, we desire to support children and families coming together in love through foster care & adoption.

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Children in the foster care system have many adults fighting for their future: biological parents, state lawyers, & even well meaning foster families. But someone needs to represent what is in the best interest of the child, with no other agenda. That is the role of a CASA. Volunteer now to make sure that children have a voice for their future.

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One of the best ways we can support vulnerable children in our community is by ensuring that they have access to the best public
education possible. We stand behind our public South Bend schools in efforts to help them care for ALL of the children of our city well. Here is a list of the public schools near you:

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Local Child & Youth Development

The best growth happens through relationships. We want to walk in relationship with children to help them rise from the vulnerability of their communities as well as become parents whose children never have to feel vulnerable. We do this through youth support, mentoring and tutoring with some community partners.


International Aid & Care

Our world is more connected than ever. We recognize that caring for vulnerable children means having a perspective beyond all borders. We cannot ignore the pain of those children in other places. In the coming months, we will announce ways you can contribute to the well-being of vulnerable children around the world.


Listen to Ryan Yazel (Pastor of City Engagement) speak to our value of Streets from his message below:



PROJECT WARM // 7:30-9 p.m.
Dec. 10-15
Jan. 14-19
Feb. 11-16
Mar. 10-15

Each evening during these designated dates, we have the opportunity for 5-7 people (max 10) to spend an evening connecting with our neighbors who seek shelter at the Weather Amnesty Center downtown. Check out the schedule here and sign up to: 1) bring some simple snacks; 2) share a brief encouragement; and 3) hang out with our neighbors through conversation, playing games, etc., for the evening. This is a great one-time or repeat opportunity for families, Tables, etc.

To volunteer for any serve opportunities, or for more information, please email Ryan Yazel at