We model our tables after a common practice that Jesus had with the people he met, through sharing a meal, around a table, and growing in relationship together.

Our table groups get together twice a month, in homes and public spaces, to share a meal and grow in relationship

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To find out more about how we connect in tables, listen to the podcasts of our gatherings where we dive into the two questions we ask at each table:

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Check out our tables that are open on the Join a table tab above. Select a table that best fits where you are at and indicate that you would like to join. The host will reply directly to you.

If you do not see any that are available, you might consider hosting a table with your preferred specifications. To host a table or to fill out our interest form, click here.

Most of our tables begin in the Fall and go through the course of the year, typically taking a break over the summer. You can ask to join an open table anytime of the year, and you can start your own table whenever you would like. Just contact us to help you get started.

Finding a table near where you live allows for more connection to happen during the course of the week. You might see each other more frequently at the local coffee shop or getting groceries. There might be a life stage that you are in that is more of a priority and worth the travel and that works too. Find a table that allows you to find the community you need at this particular time.

Each table is different. Some tables ask for everyone to bring a dish or a side to share. Other tables might meet at a local coffee shop or restaurant. Your table host will determine what meals might look like.

As a table host, you’ll facilitate a regular time and place for up to 12 people, roughly twice a month, where:

  • Everyone is welcomed and honored
  • A meal is shared
  • People are invited to open up at their own pace

Nope! In fact, we don’t do Bible study in the Tables space. You don’t have to teach, do group therapy, or lead people through any kind of curriculum. You just have to facilitate a safe space for meals and conversation.

Nope! You don’t even have to provide the meal. In fact the beauty of the table is when everyone is able to bring something to it. We’re just asking you to facilitate a meal, because without a meal, it’s not really a table. If you love to cook, go for it. If you want to order pizza and have everyone pitch in a few dollars to cover the cost, that’s great, too. Or you can fix a main course and have everyone else bring sides and desserts!

Tables connect during the course of the school year. Tables launch in August/September will meet roughly twice a month throughout the year, taking a break over Christmas. Tables launching in January will meet for the remainder of the school year. You can decide the exact last date for your table.

It is wise to be sensitive to foods and drinks that might not be healthy for some around the table. Because of this we ask all hosts to make the first night of the table they host a dry table. If you decide to serve or share alcohol at future table meetings let the table know that you might do that, and that anyone who prefers the table stay dry for any reason is welcome to email you and let you know. As a table host, we ask that you commit to keeping strict confidentiality around this, and to honor anyone’s request to keep a dry table. We treat this as an expression of our “everyone an icon” mantra.

Some tables are kid-friendly, which means hosts and participants create another space at the same location where kids can hang while adults meet. It’s up to you if you’d like to make your table kid-friendly.

Matt Graybill is one of the pastors at South Bend City Church and will be your point of contact. Feel free to connect with him before or after a gathering or send him an email at:

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