October 21, 2021

The latest on our future home


SBCC’s future home: Part 2
In September, we began a process of communal discernment and feedback as we prepare for the end of our current lease at Studebaker 112and consider some new possibilities for where we’ll call home. Our lead pastor, Jason, took some time in this week’s gatherings to report back to the community the feedback we’ve heard, and to let you know where things stand.

  • Our lease at Studebaker 112 is set to end in June of 2023. We’ve been carefully considering the option of owning instead of renting, and we recently heard the unfortunate news that we won’t be able to renew our lease after 2023. Any future for us at Studebaker would likely require us to move into a different part of the development and would cost as much or more than other options we’re exploring.
  • One option we’ve explored is the South Bend Tribune building downtown, and we’re continuing to explore other viable options.
  • Some of the feedback we’ve collected has included enthusiasm toward things like: owning versus renting; the expanded functionality of a space designed specifically for us and the potential use for the greater community; the central downtown location with accessibility for more of our community; and the ability to rehab an existing space much like we were able to do at Studebaker 112.
  • The feedback also addressed concerns such as: parking; the potential need for a capital campaign; the timing of a move/incurring debt as we’re coming out of a pandemic; Jason’s longevity as lead pastor; and how a location change might change us as a community.
We haven’t made any decisions yet regarding a future location for SBCC, but we will keep you informed as things develop. You can listen to the full update, where the concerns mentioned above were addressed, by clicking here. As always, if you have any questions or more feedback, please email

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