March 21, 2022

The Tribune Project


The Tribune Project

This weekend in gatherings, we shared some exciting news on the progress of our future home. Along with some of the financial details of what it will take for us to purchase, renovate, and equip the Tribune press building (located on the corner of Lasalle Ave. & Lafayette Blvd. downtown), we launched a new home page that will continue to be updated with all the information you’ll need along the way. Here are a few highlights of what we talked about in Sunday’s gatherings (You can check out the full podcast here):

  • We’re pursuing the purchase of the old South Bend Tribune printing press building as we look to the end our lease here at Studebaker 112 next summer.
  • While we are still working on a few final details on the purchase agreement, we are very close. The sellers continue to express their excitement over our potential and planned use of the building. We’ll send an update on this as soon as we have one.
  • We ask you to consider whether you will contribute financially toward The Tribune Project’s total estimated cost of:
$1M purchase + $4.5M renovation
– $2.5M mortgage
= $3M needed in pledges
(to be donated from our community throughout the next 2 years)
  • With early commitments borne out of conversations with invested community members, we currently have $847,400 pledged from 21 individuals/families toward the project.
  • Deadline for 2-year giving commitments to The Tribune Project is Sunday, April 10. (This is not the deadline for contributing funds but simply the date we will start compiling the total pledges we’ve received in order to make a more specific plan for building renovations.)
  • We’ll come together to celebrate the pledged funds, baptism, and Easter on Sunday, April 17.
We also spent some time in the gathering praying, thinking, and dreaming about our future home and what it can mean for our community and our city. If you have questions, hopes, or vision for this space you’d like us to hear, please send them to

We want to provide a resource to those considering contributing financially to The Tribune Project. One of the experts we’ve been consulting with on this project is Doug Turner, and he will be talking live on Zoom with Lead Pastor Jason Miller TONIGHT (Monday, March 21) at 7 p.m.

Anyone who is interested in listening to this conversation as we learn together how to make The Tribune Project possible can join via this link:

We look forward to the journey ahead as a community and to building this new home in downtown South Bend together!

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