June 1, 2023

Tribune Consecration


Before major work begins at The Tribune, we’ll take a night to inhabit the building with our hopes and prayers, taking time to honor God and dream about the holy things that will happen there. Our time together will include the chance to sing and reflect, and the invitation to write prayers that will be encapsulated in the threshold of the building.

Due to safety concerns at the building, childcare will be provided at Studebaker 112 for birth through second grade. Kids third grade and up are welcome to attend with adult supervision.

There will be a ramp for accessibility into the main floor of the building for this event, but the rest of the building will remain below our accessibility standards until construction is completed.

Parking Suggestions:
1. Parking garage on the corner of Main and Colfax (over 500 spaces that are free for 2 hrs)
2. On-street parking (there are about 70 spaces around our block)

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